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Commercial Spaceport To Open In New Mexico

British millionaire and Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson is one step closer to his dream of providing commercial flights into space with the construction of a spaceport in Upham, New Mexico. 

Space Bound Magazine

This online magazine features a wide assortment of pages about space exploration.

You will be returning regularly to this one to see NASA images of the day and more!

Hauntingly Beautiful Hubble Images

Once, we thought of outer space as a black and empty void.

That is, until the Hubble Telescope started sending stunning and enchanting images that rival the most imaginative of artistic creations.......Lot of wonderful Hubble pictures on this page.

Tech Edge Magazine

Science and technology are making advances in leaps and bounds. What we thought of as science fiction has now become fact. Read the latest news about everything tech related from "smart dust" to robotic cars!

Spitzer Telescope Images

In this companion site to Hauntingly Beautiful Hubble Images, you will find fantastic images of space as captured by the Spitzer Telescope.

Where Hubble leaves off, Spitzer begins!  Click the image to go to the page.

Modern Self Sufficiency

During these uncertain times, it is good to know how to be self sufficient.
Click the image to check out these great do it yourself projects to take you off the grid and create your own solar panel, wind turbine and more.

Check back for more projects coming soon.

Environmental Techniques 
That Are Saving Our Planet

We have all become painfully aware of the dire environmental issues that face our planet. 

However, amazing technologies are being developed and are coming into use that could only be compared to the best of science fiction imagination and fantasy.

Live Spaceflight TV

Just click and watch recordings of live NASA feeds.