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The Best Of National Geographic Images

Enjoy these stunning, award winning images by National Geographic Magazine.

I will be posting a new image periodically so check back for the best of the best of their award winning images!

The Curse Of The American Presidents

An American Indian Chief named Tecumseh placed a curse on our American Presidents starting with William Henry Harrison.

This curse would not be broken until President Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1980, cheated death during an attempted assassination. 

Awe Inspiring Auroras

Auroras continue to mesmerize and leave us awestruck with wonder. Very few are fortunate enough to witness these beautiful events in person. I was one of those lucky ones.

Here are some fantastic images and facts about auroras.

Mystic's Totally Awesome Wallpapers

Check out this page where I feature a fabulous collection of wallpaper sites.

Every one offers free wallpapers and have been approved by Web Of Trust.

Stop Force Feeding Girls in Mauritania

In Mauritania, men regard fat women as beautiful and desirable. As a result, young girls in this African nation are brutally force-fed in a centuries old tradition called "gavage or "leblouh". The custom dictates that young girls be fattened up for marriage by force-feeding them. Methods to make sure the girl submits even includes torture!

Sign the petition to be sent to the United Nations!