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The Real Marilyn Monroe

Along with a wonderful collection of photographs of Marilyn Monroe, you will also find an assortment of original quotes, poetry and other writings by one of the most misunderstood  Hollywood stars of all time.

Stars Who Died Undone

When the unexpected happens in Hollywood, the results can be disastrous if the star holding the lead role in a movie dies before it can be finished or released. Some of these deaths are natural occurrences due to medical conditions. Others were obviously the result of the toll their celebrity status took upon their health and their personal lives. But all of them were shocking tragedies.

Mystic's Video Vault

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Making Movies: Beyond The Call of Duty

Really great actors or actresses will go to any lengths, no matter how extreme, to literally become the characters they play. There are some who certainly went above and beyond the call of duty in order to deliver a stellar performance.